Brief selection from our animation works

Companies we have worked together with:
Forbes: Animation films, as means of sale

There is no company in the corporate sector which could not increase its sales with powerful animated concent. That was the main topic of thje presentation Tamás Kőszegi, managing director of Mimicry Motions held at Forbes’ “Hello Biznisz” sales conference.

Logo animation is a genre that promotes prestige and a clear brand awareness, especially for companies who often communicate with video content.

The IT and medical sector benefits greatly from the spreading of explainer videos / animations. These  films can easily make customers understand the essence of even the most complex products.

PR-animations and commercials primarily target emotions as they communicate the high standards and quality of a company.

Some of our clients have chosen a very specific method of using animation: unique short films are made and used for each potentional customer, replacing cold calling with a much more interesting alternative. Animation can be also used for communication within a company, or group of companies.

The most popular players in social media are definitely viral videos, which spread on their own, generating hundreds of thousands of views. However, this requires surprising, funny content, which does not necessarily fit into a company’s profile.

The Mimicry team does its best to find the most profitable solution for every customer.