Drawing, animation, foley – Making of “Storm” part 2

Kocsis Alexandra Kőszegi Tamás Vihar animációIn 2014, with co-director Andrea Kocsis, we have made our new animation film “Storm”, produced by Filmtett Workshop. In the previous part we depicted how the script, characters, and storyboard were made, and why we decided on papercut animation.

The drawing process of Storm was the following: Szandi hand-drawn the characters and their attachable, moving elements. These were then scanned and vectorized in Illustrator and then the textures were added. That’s how the bluish-lilac composite was made, which was then moved to After Effects. Due to the papercut-style, virtually every movement is digital, we have only animated a short run sequence with classic frame-by-frame animation.


Kocsis Alexandra Kőszegi Tamás vihar animáció elemek szereplő karakterStorm is a film of sound effects only: no dialogue at all. That is why the audio track has played a pivotal role. For example, the rhinoceros’s movement consists of 15 different sound tracks alone, containing a wide array of elements from factory-made sounds to clocks and cogs of a paper-cutting machine. The only music, which is under the cast&crew sequence is not really a tune, it is actually foley as well, the sound of a wind chime.

World Premiere of Storm was held at the Transylvanian Film Festival and its Hungarian premiere was on the Hungarian Film Week. It traveled the world the next year, screenings taking place from Mexico to the island of Reunion. Several television stations broadcasted it, and it was a real surprise that it was still able to win prizes two years later, even in 2016.

Prizes won by Storm:

XVIII. Faludi International Film Festival – Main Prize for Best Animation
61. NAtional Independent Film Festival – Main Prize for Best Animation
3. Totál Plán Independent Film Festival  – 1.  Prize
OrziInCorto International Film Festival – 2. Prize
22. National Student Film Festival – Best production design
12. Pannonfíling Film Festival – “Pannonlove” special prize
9. National BIG Film Festival, 2015 – 3.  Prize

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